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Spectacle lenses couldn’t be simpler at Helensburgh Eyecare

Once you have had your eye test, our fully qualified dispensing optician or well trained dispening consultants will discuss lens options with you. There have been many new developments in spectacle lens technology recently so its worth taking the time to get it right, after all you spend time choosing your frames so why not spend time choosing your lenses? This will ensure your glasses most accurately meet your needs.

 Team pre Leanne

Lens Options you may be recommened to consider:

Single Vision - either distance, reading or intermediate depending on requirements.

Varifocals - we use Varilux lenses from Essilor which are leading manufacturers worldwide.

Occupationals - there are so many uses for glasses, why not get something tailored?

Bifocals - whatever works for you, comfort is most crucial.

Most of our lenses come as standard as a Crizal lens, which used to be called a coated lens. These lenses come with higher UV protection than a standard lens and well as better scratch prtoection.

Please feel free to Contact us if you would like to discuss our range of spectacle lenses further.