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NHS eye examinations available free at Helensburgh Eyecare


For all those living in Scotland you have an entitlement to a free eye test every two years. If you are over 60, under 16, are diabetic or have a family history of glaucoma then a test may be available every year (though this is subject to NHS regulations). We can make an appointment for you with one of our optometrists at our earliest convenience since we usually test six days a week.

Once you have made your appointment the test itself is thorough and informative. The optician will let you know if you have any eye care problems that require treatment and whether or not you need glasses. If you do require glasses we will offer you expert advice on spectacles whether they are for everyday use, for sports, sunglasses, or for using at the computer.

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If you don’t need glasses and have healthy eyes then we are here to help you keep it that way! With our state of the art modern equipment and professional expertise we’ll give you expert advice on maintaining good eye health.

At Helensburgh Eyecare we just love kids and take time to make their eye test as fun and detailed as possible. Regular eye tests are especially important for children because of their developing vision. Early and regular eye tests are recommended to ensure they get to their full visual potential. So feel free to bring them along with you for an eye test next time. We have a wide range of children’s frames from free to fashionable and designer collections. 

We have recently invested in a new piece of technology for checking the health at the back of your eye, called an OCT machine. Due to this wonderful machine and the further training that some of our opticians have, we are now able to do an enhanced examination. This is not as of yet covered by the NHS and there is a £25 fee to have an enhanced examination. We are especially recommending it to people who have family history of glaucoma or the start of age related macula degeneration as the scan the OCT can perform allows us to watch for changes long before it may affect your vision.